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Terminal Park- Or Yehuda

Type: Offices, commerce.
Size: 70,00 sqm
Client: "S.G.S", "M.A.I Nadlan"
Year: 2008

Terminal Park is located in a developed business park in the new industrial area of Or-Yehuda, about 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and adjacent to Ben-Gurion Airport. The complex includes two buildings, 3-5 offices floors each, and a commercial ground floor. Terminal Park has a private parking lots and an additional large public parking space. The complex faces a large unique public green plaza, designed to conserves the urban fabric, and creates a public leisure space. Terminal Park is designed to be an environmental friendly complex, with "Green Roofs" that contributes to sound and temperature isolation, and provides an additional green space. Much attention was also paid to shading solutions.
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