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APPA- Hyderabad, India

Type: Residential+ Amenities
Size: 300,000 sqm (above ground)+ 110,000 sqm Parking Levels. Aprox. 3000 Residential units (2-3 BHK) / 15 Residential Towers. Amenities of aprox. 3,000 sqm
Client: PBEL
Year: 2007

The residential APPA Development is located at India's Andhra Pradesh capital city of Hyderabad. The planning derives its unique concept from the spectacular site, which is surrounded by natural rock formations and overlooks a lake to the south. One of the key factors in the MasterPlan was maintaining a car-free and people friendly green environment, thus placing the towers within a vast landscaped area- creating a tranquil Green Environment. A central Focal Point was designed in the heart of the project, thus defining the geometric and meaningful center of the MasterPlan, with its various commercial and community amenities, which in turn benefit from the restful green atmosphere of this landscaped space. Vaastu also plays a key role in the building's placement, allowing for a majority of apartments with unobstructed east and south, lake, views
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