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Karlin Prague, Prague

Type: Residential. Offices and Hotel
Size: 1400 m/ 250 m
Client: Platza Centers
Year: 2007

The project is a contemporary and modern design that emphasizes the design of a European city at its best. The aim was to develop a true mixed-use residential and commercial quarter, capitalizing on the new development of Pobrezny Boulevard and the existing rail and metro stations along Sokolovska Street. The site presents a unique opportunity to regain urban values of the city – its places for public encounters, culture centers and the buzz of the lively street life. It quotes the old city's urban tissue as an opportunity to create Places for people to meet and celebrate the city's rich culture. It manifests a promotion of social gathering, thus focusing on informal meeting places for people to work, visit and live within a network of street piazzas and open public green areas. We aim to fill the Prague shortage in places where families can leisurely stroll and enjoy a spectacular river frontage.
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