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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Type: Residential neighborhood
Size: 410 dunam, 10,000 housing units, public and commercial buildings
Client: Industrial Buildings Ltd
Year: 2007

A new neighborhood that is located in Saint Petersburg is a multi dimensional project that aims to be the most important development site in the southern part of the city. This project encompasses about 10,000 housing, commercial, office and public units. The design objective is to create a new urbanism at the outskirts of the historic city. The concept of the neighborhood makes a person an antithesis to monolith structures that have been erected since the 50s in Russia. The neighborhood was designed in such a way that pedestrians could wander around the closed squares and gardens among unthreatening and different cut buildings. An emphasis was put on facilitating protected traffic during freezing weather and allowing kids to reach public areas without having to cross any roads.
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