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Z.V.L, Tel Aviv

Type: Offices and Trade
Size: 60,000 square meters
Client: SGS building company LTD
Year: 2001

Bet ZVL is one of the tallest office buildings ever built in Tel Aviv. The project was planned in such a way that people could wander about its area and the garden that surrounds it. The construction attracts workers from all over the region. The bustling square shapes the building in an arch that connects the building’s wings into one facade which highlights the lot's magnitude. The façade bounds the spiral garden and the café. The office building is composed of a simple scheme of tall buildings that are connected by the arched façade. The uniformity of the arch is interrupted by elements made of terracotta that render the companies that are situated in the building, and their corporate identity. The frontal terracotta cone defines a main entrance to the building and the project center. Looking down, one can see an external atrium where the elevators move up and down. Transportation planning: The building offers 1000 parking spaces in three levels that also serve the guests of the coffee house. The building combines complex planning of trucks’ traffic in two levels serving the distribution centers of a company Comverse.
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