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Kodak, Petach Tikvah

Type: High-tech, industry
Size: 25,000 sq.m above the ground + 23,000 sq.m underground
Client: S.G.S building company
Year: 2006

Beit Kodak expresses the merging of high-tech and heavy industry. The convoluted project outline includes a production plant with a production line, an electronics plant, a mechanics plant as well as office areas for about 600 additional workers in open stands. Dining and retaining areas are also incorporated in the building as well as social assembly sites to accentuate the company's identity. The planning solution involves elevating a decorative garden and development areas to the roof of the production plant. The 8 meter tall plant includes all the "heavy" functions, while the "clean" office areas enclose a common and central atrium which faces a north side and around which employees conduct their business As a result, an image you get is that of hundreds of workers working in collaboration in one space.
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