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Motorola, Tel Aviv

Type: Office buildings and high tech.
Size: 15,000 sq. m above the ground 15,000 square meters underground
Client: Motorola LTD
Year: 2002

Beit Guzman of Motorola LTD is one of the company's building complexes in the east of Tel Aviv. The building includes 7 floors and is conceptualized as a container, a box that allows functional flexibility and freedom in the planning of the inner space. The design of its facades renders a contemporary interpretation of the international building style that characterizes the city of Tel Aviv. The horizontal stripes of stone coverage function as an envelope that creates uniformity across all of the building's facades. In terms of urban design, the building converges with the adjacent buildings and creates a public open space at the building's main entrance. This building has a spiral, underground parking lot that is composed of 5 basements in order to accommodate 250 vehicles.
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