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Egged, Aiport City

Type: Office and high tech buildings
Size: 20,000 square meters
Client: Air port City LTD
Year: 2005

This new office building accommodates headquarters of Egged, Israel's leading public transportation company. It is located in a business center- Airport city. The building contains management's offices and the company's computer center. It contains 2 wings connected by a transparent "joint" that constitutes the entrance to the building. The "joint" contains a central core where a lavish entrance lobby is located. The building's façade is adorned by a suspended roof similar to a gigantic wing. The motif of flying, inspired by the adjacent airport and the circling airplanes above, appears also in a shading element along the facades up to the big wing that encircles the construction's roof. The building's design is also dynamic and made up of 2 arched sections that are connected by a tall and transparent atrium and "wings" made of aluminum.
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