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Comverse, Raanana

Type: Offices and high-tech
Size: 42,000 square meters above the ground 65,000 squared meters underground
Client: S.G.S building company
Year: 2005

Conceptually, the building is like a "radiator" cooled down by an air passage between the buildings- a design that prolongs intermediate seasons. The wind passes between the buildings and is cooled down on its way by water pools and vegetation. In a business sense, the structure was planned as 4 buildings that can be split according to the ever-changing market conditions. All the buildings are connected by a common ground floor that contains all the joint functions. The structure has 3 basements that are used for production, storage and parking. The building's symbol is a green wall that filters a noise and a polluted air from a highway and serves as a bridge between the buildings. This wall stands for the company's identity as a leader in environmentalism.
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