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Baumann Ber Rivnay, Ramat Gan

Type: Office buildings
Size: 15,400 sq.m. above the ground 15,000 sq.m underground
Client: S.G.S building company LTD
Year: 1999

This office building has an open transparent ground floor that serves as an entrance lobby. Typical floors are built around a central core that includes the building systems and divides the floor into a number of apartments. Thus, all the floor residents face windows that overlook Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and even the Shomron mountains. The structure sets off an air of importance. Its five facades, that also include the ceiling of the open ground floor, are given a great deal of attention and face both the tenants and the people outside the building. An atrium is situated in the upper floors and it shapes three office floors into one space housing of the advertising agency Bauman Bar Rivanay. This building has a spiral, underground parking lot that is composed of 4 basements with 250 parking spaces.
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