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ONE Tower, Tel Aviv

Type: residential towers
Size: 32,000 sq.m. 119 apartments
Client: Gama Diamonds
Year: 2006

This building has a unique triangular shape as the apartments in the building are spread in a butterfly arrangement. All the apartments in the building overview a sea sight. The ONE Tower is located at the most southern tip of the Tzamarot neighborhood- the first neighborhood of skyscrapers in Tel Aviv. The building indicates the entrance to the neighborhood and welcomes the visitors with a 9 storey "arm" that forms the neighborhood's inner street. The ONE Tower soars in all its splendor and height over the bustling Namir Road. The building's planning is characterized by maximal flexibility that allows the apartments' uniformity as well as splitting, according to the clients' requests. To the west, one can see the residential area's glass towers while the eastern front is mostly covered by stone.
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