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Rothschild 1, Tel Aviv

Type: residential towers, offices and trade
Size: 31,000 sq.m. 73 apartments, offices and trade.
Client: Habas Group
Year: 2007

1st Rothchild Tower is the Tel Aviv’s most sought after address as a result of its location at the end of Tel Aviv's historical boulevard. The building overlooks an urban square which can be seen from it through a well-lit, 3 storey glass lobby. Rothchild Tower redefines residential building planning in Israel as it is the first building in Israel whose entire surround is made of glass and facilitates ceiling high windows. The first 5 floors of the building accommodate offices and are accessed through a separate entrance from Ehad Haam street. The higher apartments face Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the sea and the boulevard. The beams that encircle the building provide it with warmth and facilitate the balconies' replacement.
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